Счастливый ребенок
Офис организации
153000, Россия, г. Иваново,
ул. Багаева, д. 33а, офис 402
телефон, факс: (4932) 416-816
e-mail: ymca@ymca.ru


pre-school education

kindergarden – YMCA-Moscow

speech therapy – YMCA-Smile

nursery school – YMCA-Yaroslavl

preparation for school – YMCA-Smile

aesthetic education

artistic creativity (painting, drawing, graphics) – YMCA-Ozerky, YMCA-Smile

studio of the fine arts – YMCA-Ivanovo

centre of the arts for kids and youth – YMCA-Smile

arts for the kids – YMCA-Kirovsk (Leningrad region)

choreography studio – YMCA-Olymp

christian education

christian education for kids – YMCA-Ozerky

christian holidays – YMCA-Ivanovo

christian camp – YMCA-Kirovsk (Murmansk region)

sports and fitness

fitness and aerobic for students – YMCA-Yaroslavl

swimming – YMCA-Syktyvkar

karate, shaping, aerobic, fitness for seniors – YMCA-Lesnaya

healthy child and healthy family – YMCA-Ozerky

tourism – YMCA-”Scouts league”

gymnastics – YMCA-Sobor

volleyball, basketball – YMCA-Olymp

junior basketball, martial arts – YMCA-Smile

programmes for the socially excluded and the kids with special needs

social rehabilitation centre – YMCA-Smile

centre for “street” children – YMCA-Ivanovo

sport for deaf and mute children – YMCA-Yaroslavl

social care for refugees – YMCA-Kirovsk (Leningrad region)

children and youth camps

winter and summer camp – YMCA-Smile, YMCA-Ozerky, YMCA-”Scouts league”

city camp for teenagers “camp of travels” – YMCA-Yaroslavl

education programmes

“english for everyone” – foreign language centre for kids, youth & families – YMCA-Ozerky

foreign languages for children, toefl classes – YMCA-Smile

english club – YMCA-Yaroslavl

education programmes for youth – YMCA-Enlighenment

multimedia centre – YMCA-Ivanovo

management basics for youth – YMCA-Smile

tensing, youth theatre studios

tensing – YMCA-Kirovsk (Murmansk region), YMCA Kirovsk (Leningrad region), YMCA-Poklonnaya gora

theatre-studio, fashion theatre – YMCA-Smile

choreography studio – YMCA-Olymp

theatre for teenagers – YMCA-Yaroslavl


ecological programmes – YMCA-”Scouts league”

ecology studies – YMCA-Ozerky

ecology camp – YMCA-Kirovsk (Murmansk region)

drugs prevention programmes

street basketball for teenagers – YMCA-Sobor

anti-drugs programmes – YMCA-Olymp

leadership training and courses

YMCA-Kirovsk (Murmansk region), YMCA-Smile, YMCA-Ivanovo, YMCA-Moscow

communication psychology


iccp – international camp counsellor programme

recruitment of russian counsellors to work in the us summer camps – YMCA-Smile,
YMCA-Pokionnaya gora, YMCA-Kirovsk (Leningrad region)