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YMCA Russia`s program festival:
communication, inspiration, development

YMCA Russia celebrated its 3rd Program Festival on the 23-28 of August 2017.

Communication, inspiration, development were the themes of the event which united more than 100 participants from different local organizations. The guests came from Armenia, Ukraine, USA, Egypt, YMCA Europe, World YMCA and were enjoying the Festival near Moscow.

YMCA Russia has been waiting for this event for 15 years. So, it was a very important and remarkable action for the entire movement. As the President of YMCA Russia Tina Larionova said: “When I took a position of the President I realized that this is my moral duty to organize a big common event for our youth so they can enjoy YMCA, its programs, inspiring friendship”.

The program of the Festival included workshops, seminars, concerts, Tensing party, “TED talks”, YMCA quiz, sports, games, One Million Voices research. Each day was started with songs, a devotion and “5 minutes with YMCA”, where youth could hear YMCA life stories from their leaders. Young people had rich opportunity to communicate a lot and learn more about teambuilding, conflict management, success in camps, project management, language body, Tensing, life position and many other topics.

Traditionally they were enjoying common choir, dancing and drama.

“I think that it was a crucial event for YMCA Russia at its stage of development. There is new leadership, new vision, new strategy, a lot of young people in different local YMCA. That was a high time to unite them and demonstrate that they are a part of a big and cool Russian YMCA and a part of European and World Ys. It was so nice to see a lot of young people and realize that new leaders are coming!” – Olga Lukina, YMCA Europe Regional Assistant for movement strengthening and project management.

YMCA Europe congratulates YMCA Russia with a successful Festival, great leadership and big vivid perspectives for further development!

YMCA Europe website. Author/Source: Olga Lukina