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Офис организации
153000, Россия, г. Иваново,
ул. Багаева, д. 33а, офис 402
телефон, факс: (4932) 416-816
e-mail: ymca@ymca.ru

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Visit of YMCA Europe to Russia

From April 27 till May 2, 2012 in Russia were the leaders of the YMCA of Europe - General Secretary Juan Simoes Iglesias and chief executive secretary - Mihal Shimanchak. (ещё…)

Youth Summer Camp “Around the World”
From 1-12 July, 2010 in Moscow hosted the Summer Camp of YMCA Victoria "Around the World.0 children from 10 to 16 years in 12 days traveling across continents, countries and cities, making discoveries about the world,  the people around them and about themselves. Thank you all for your dedicated work and sincere participation! (ещё…)
International working meeting in Yaroslavl region
20-23 May 2010 in the Yaroslavl region held an international working meeting on the development project of the YMCA multipurpose out-of-town center  in the central region of Russia and Siberia. The meeting was attended by members of the European "Field of the" Russia ", the International Division  YMCA USA, representatives of government and the national office of the Russian YMCA, Regional Secretary of the YMCA Europe. (ещё…)
The summary of preventive projects – winners of the contest of small grants in 2005.
Popularization of healthy life style and primary prevention of addictions to psychoactive substances, by involving youth in programs of YMCA "Ozerky". The project is based on principles of active training, modern techniques and methods developed in the Russian YMCA, and realizes the positive value-based approach. During the project the following results are foreseen: - attraction to YMCA programs of about 1000 teenagers and 30 teachers and managers of schools; - development, editing and distribution in the target group of methodical and promotional printed materials (750 copies).