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Visit of YMCA Europe to Russia

From April 27 till May 2, 2012 in Russia were the leaders of the YMCA of Europe – General Secretary Juan Simoes Iglesias and chief executive secretary – Mihal Shimanchak.

In The program of the visit had been acquainted with the activities of the YMCA Ivanovo and its participation in the formation of an application for Ivanovo to the contest “Youth Capital of Europe 2015″, meeting with participants of inter-regional seminar for youth leaders “Step Up”, held on April 29-30 in Yaroslavl, discussion with the executive secretary MA “YMCA” N. Kurochkin and with Secretary for Development MA “YMCA” M. Guskov prospects of cooperation with the YMCA Russia and the development of the out-of-town multipurpose center MA “YMCA” in the Yaroslavl region.
They met with Chairman of the MA “YMCA” by V. Preobrazhensky, who will represent the Russian organization in the General Assembly YMCA Europe in Germany in May 2012.
The visit turned out rich and rewarding. Guests praised the work of the YMCA of Ivanovo and the level of support for their activities on the part of local and regional authorities, saw the system of training of new youth leaders in training “Step Up”, Get important information from representatives of the national office of MA “YMCA” about trends and issues in the development of the nonprofit sector in Russia.
Juan Iglesias confirmed that Russia remains a priority movement for YMCA Europe, and expressed hope for active participation of Russians in international events, in particular, the social-basketball project «YMCA WorldChallenge» (October 2012) and the YMCA Festival in Prague (August 2013).

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