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International working meeting in Yaroslavl region

20-23 May 2010 in the Yaroslavl region held an international working meeting on the development project of the YMCA multipurpose out-of-town center  in the central region of Russia and Siberia. The meeting was attended by members of the European “Field of the” Russia “, the International Division  YMCA USA, representatives of government and the national office of the Russian YMCA, Regional Secretary of the YMCA Europe.

The participants visited the facility in the village Nekrasovskoye Yaroslavl region, which is a project-town center, discussed a plan of its construction and continued operation, acquainted with the infrastructureof  Nekrasovskoye village and surrounding areas.

Participants of the meeting agreed that the selected place for the project is attractive from many points of view, and in view of the support the project by business partners of Yaroslavl YMCA prospects suburban center take shape. Russian international partners of Russian YMCA have pledged about their future organizational and financial support for the project, the amount of which shall be determined in the near future. Simultaneously, they discussed prospects of development of a similar project in Siberia.

(Photo: B.Urdhal, JVEltvik, A.Kostyakov)


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