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The summary of preventive projects – winners of the contest of small grants in 2005.

YMCA “Ozerky”, Saint Petersburg
The project “Promotion of healthy life style and prevention of addicted behavior”

Popularization of healthy life style and primary prevention of addictions to psychoactive substances, by involving youth in programs of YMCA “Ozerky”.

The project is based on principles of active training, modern techniques and methods developed in the Russian YMCA, and realizes the positive value-based approach.

During the project the following results are foreseen:
- attraction to YMCA programs of about 1000 teenagers and 30 teachers and managers of schools;
- development, editing and distribution in the target group of methodical and promotional printed materials (750 copies).

YMCA “Victoria”, Moscow region
Preventive show-discos for 12 – 17 year-old teenagers of Moscow“Your life is in your hands!”

Continuation and development of the project of creation of a series of preventive disco shows. Increase of the scope of target group and increase of efficiency of prevention of drug abuse and spread of HIV and AIDS, by means of:
- Adaptation of the scenario of the preventive disco shows to various age categories of young people;
- Creation and use of varied preventive programs based on synthesis of preventive training and creative components (including discos);
- Attraction of teachers of high schools and other educational institutions to preventive actions.

Estimated number of participants of the project – no less than 1000.

Preparation of the methodical materials summarizing experience and methodical base of project is planned.

The program “Your Choice”

Continuation and development of the project of 2004: preventive work with socially neglected children, as well as with students of high schools and colleges; preparation of youth leaders for and involvement in realization of preventive seminars based on “peer education” methodology. Introduction of elements of creativity and sports in preventive actions.

Development of a new direction of the project: creation of a network of NGOs, working with youth; formation of the common concept and joint realization of the work on prevention of drug abuse and HIV spread among young people; accentuation of importance of the value-based approach in preventive work.

Planned number of participants of the project – more than 600; leaders and key members of the organizations – partners – 35 persons.

The project “Healthy alternatives”

Continuation and development of the project, which started in 2004. Development of the training course on prevention of drug abuse and HIV and AIDS spread among youth for students of Yaroslavl high schools. Realization of a cycle of theoretical and practical sessions, involvement of volunteers from the number of active students in realization of the preventive activities in the teenagers’ environment with the use of gained knowledge and skills.

Organization of preventive work of young leaders based on “peer education” strategy, on different platforms of the city (city school council, boarding schools, other educational institutions). “Crystallization” of the leadership team from the number of target group participants; cultivation of new generation of socially active young leaders, motivation and preparation of these youth for realization of preventive knowledge and skills amidst their peers.

Number of participants of the project – more than 350.

Release of methodical recommendations for realization of preventive work for teenagers is planned.

YMCA “Lesnaya”, St. Petersburg
The project “Your future is in your hands”

Continuation and development of the project that started in 2004. Increase of scope of the target group, adaptation of the program of preventive seminars to other age groups, use of various forms of work with parents. Optimization of work with “street children” of the neighboring area, involving them in sports actions and in sessions on prevention of drug abuse and HIV spread.

Development of a new direction of the project – formation of the creative regional team of leaders of YMCAs of Saint Petersburg, with the focus on promotion of healthy life style and refusal to use psychoactive substances by children and teenagers.

Number of participants of the project – no less than 400.

YMCA “AMBER”, Kaliningrad
The project“YMCA – is the centre of information-preventive technologies “MESSENGER”

Creation of the youth centre with an easy approach to Internet and organization of training courses with the purpose of Internet search for socially useful and preventive information. Creation of a place of meetings and improvement of professional skill of young volunteers, with the use of methodology “equal to equal”.

Number of participants of the project – more than 100.

YMCA “SMILE”, Novosibirsk
The project“The Vector of life”

Prevention of drug abuse and HIV spread with the help of interactive social performance. Training of initiative group for conducting preventive training courses; development of scenario and staging of performance in high schools, technical schools, technical training college (3 – 4 staging sessions a month). Organization of discussions with youth after performance, use of creative material.

Prospective target audience of the project – 3000 – 5000.

Regional Council of YMCAs of the Northern region (Murmansk, Kirovsk, Severodvinsk)
The project“The Region of Strong People”

A joint project that includes a complex of preventive programs of the local organizations of the Northern region.

The project consists of system of training seminars for leadersThe present project provides for development of the regional organization, strengthening of democratic bases of interaction between local YMCAs, increase of professionalism of regular employees of the Council of YMCAs of the Northern region.-volunteers and preventive seminars with the use of elements of scouting (YMCA “Arctic”, YMCA “Kola”, YMCA “Murmansk”); there is a plan to involve leaders of break-dance and snow-boarding in movement for healthy life style (YMCA “Polar Bear”), improvement of the model of preventive disco with elements of Tensing (YMCA “Arctic”, YMCA “Kola”, YMCA “Murmansk”, YMCA “Polar Bear”) is planned.

Prospective scope of target group – 700-750.


Preparation and realization in August 2005 of the Festival of healthy youth initiatives “Start with yourself”, which purpose is association of healthy young forces in preventive anti-drug and anti-alcohol activity. The program of the Festival includes training courses, business games, seminars of practical works, meetings with heads of administrative structures of the city and the region. It is supposed that participants of the Festival will develop ideas and projects that will create a basis for the future preventive activity of the YMCA “PILGRIM” and its partners in the region.

YMCA “Sobor”, Bryansk
The program “Lighthouse”

Formation of the negative attitude to drugs among teenagers and youth attending the sports centre of the Bryansk YMCA.

Development of their active life position in relation to illegal actions, and education of leadership skills. Formation of the team of leaders (20-30 people) to organize preparation and implementation of the further anti-drug activities of the YMCA of Bransk.

O. Nikiforova
A. Kostyakov
N. Kurochkin